Interim mandates placement

Within the scope of our network, we offer the placement of our personally known interim managers. In doing so, we close the qualitative gap between pure freelancer providers and pure interim management providers, which operate exclusively only on top executive levels.

Our national and international interim and project managers are self-employed and have completed our multi-stage application process before they were added to our database. Our experts with clear core competences are re-validated annually.

The deployment scenarios can be varied and range from the interim gap bridging to the specific project assignment by highly qualified Interim Managers.

Project Staffing
During the course of project implementation by our Interim Managers, we regularly encounter requests for additional project resources for varying skill profiles and special project purposes.

If a matching is possible via our database, such requests will be directly deployed or routed through our associated partners.

Our quality approach

Our business processes are designed to implement your requirements professionally and with the highest possible quality.


Our quality approach for adding/validating experts to our database:

Before we add candidates to our database, their profiles undergo a professional suitability check and evaluation. After determining the candidate’s suitability in the form of a personal interview, the candidates will be confirmed in our database. The multistage admission process guarantees a high accuracy of fit and quality of our database.


Our quality for the qualified placement of interim or project resources:

After a complete and consensual requirement profile has been developed in a project briefing with the customer, we will query our database based on the requirements profile. In principle, we only propose candidates which have passed our profile quality validation and which have the greatest possible matching with the project requirement profile.