Expanding, increasing and passing on knowledge

Kapell Consulting and/or its manager Wilhelm Kapell is a member of various associations and organizations. In addition, we belong to various networks in which we expand our knowledge and pass it on at the same time.


Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e.V.

Wilhelm Kapell has been a member of the Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e.V. since 2014. (DDIM), the leading branch representative for professional interim management in Germany. The main tasks of the association are the protection of the economic interests of its members and the sustainable promotion of interim management in Germany.

The DDIM defines professional standards, promotes quality assurance and supports the knowledge transfer of its members. Membership in the DDIM is a proof of high quality and competence in interim management. The DDIM is dedicated to public recognition and the constant growth of the industry. As its internationally networked voice, it provides business, politics and the public with relevant information and is the contact for all questions relating to interim management. It represents the legitimate interests of its members independently and non-partisan.

Since 2016, Wilhelm Kapell has been the organizer of the monthly DDIM.lokal regular´s table in Frankfurt / Main.

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Since 2015, Wilhelm Kapell has been a member of the DDIM project management and program management group (DDIM - Leaders in Projects).

The role and importance of project management in the modern business world is constantly increasing. Innovative business models emerge, within the framework of Industry 4.0 even traditional forms of organization are being developed in the direction of new, project-similar structures. At the same time, the variety of methods and tools used in project management increases.

Interim managers have extensive project experience that goes far beyond pure methodological competence. The project management group singles out the competences and requirements of this experience and displays how “DDIM - Leaders in Projects” offers a future-oriented added value compared to traditional project management.

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Wilhelm Kapell has been a member of the DDIM Finance experts group since 2015.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the demands in finance and in the financial industry as a whole have grown consistently. As a result, the number of projects that require experienced interim managers is also growing. This applies to CFOs as well as to the areas of controlling, tax, treasury, compliance or risk management, just to mention a few.

The DDIM finance group acts as a point of contact within the DDIM on financial cases and is responsible for the development of a knowledge data pool within the DDIM on financial topics, e.g. the implications of the Brexit vote in the UK.

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Associations & Network


The AIMP is an association of selected leading interim management providers in the German-speaking DACH region.
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BRSI - Confederation Restructuring, Reorganization and Interim Management e.V.
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Federal Association Alternative Investments e.V. (BAI), the representation of interests for alternative investments in Germany
Die Interessenvertretung für Alternative Investments in Deutschland
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eco, Association of Internet Economy e.V.
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Project Management Institute, Inc., USA
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