Project Management

Companies commonly require project managers for unique one-time project implementation tasks. Specialized knowledge which is most often not available in the company is then externally recruited.

Interim managers take on challenging project management functions and share their experiences in a "lessons learnt" session at the end of the project.

We accompany our esteemed customers over the entire project cycle, from project initiation, via performing risk, status quo and gap analysis, up until the implementation phase and project completion.

New requirements for project managers

Current projects are often characterized by great complexity, ambiguity, volatility and uncertainty (VUCA). This results in completely new demands on project managers, which we already meet today:

  • When faced with complexity and ambiguity, we use constructive discourse and our skills to integrate all relevant interests and perspectives into the project goal.
  • Our emotional intelligence enables us to channel the information streams in the project team in volatile phases and to filter and apply the project-relevant information.
  • We think in probabilities in case of uncertainties in the project and are able to develop and implement suitable project tactics together with the project team.
  • For decision making, we also use the evaluation and analysis of large data sets (Big Data) to identify new patterns if necessary (BI and AI analyses).

Typical sector areas of our interim / project managers are:

  • Program management
  • Project management
  • Project Management Office (PMO) management
  • Project management and subproject management
  • Project management and project controlling
  • Stakeholder management and management presentations

The following projects and project types have so far been implemented by us:

  • Evaluation projects
  • Gap analyses
  • Implementation management
  • Business and process analyses
  • Risk measurement projects (VaR measurement, Monte Carlo simulation, etc.)
  • Risk management implementation projects (according to §91 AktG)
  • Regulatory compliance projects (AIFMD and KAGB transformation and implementation, UCITSV Implementation, implementation of the requirements out of the BaFin Depository Circular 08-2015, implementation of the requirements out of the EMIR regulation for bilateral OTC collateralization and for CCP clearing, investment compliance projects (acc. to the German KAGB rules)
  • Digital transformation projects
  • Integration and change management projects
  • DV project management
  • Data warehouse and database management projects
  • Business intelligence projects
  • SAP implementation projects