Expert for complex cases and projects in the financial services sector


Wilhelm Kapell is a strategist, consultant and implementer for complex cases and projects in the financial services sector. Wilhelm Kapell, founder and head of Kapell Consulting, takes on mandates as interim and project manager as well as interim executive.

Excellent leader and bridge builder
Wilhelm Kapell combines his expertise in content with motivating, goal-oriented and communicative leadership qualities. Against the background of his understanding of classical and agile project management methods, he promotes open-ended thinking and constructive discourse.

A particular strength of his work lies in communication at all levels of the company. His cooperative leadership style integrates the project team, allows for opinions and uses the strengths of the various stakeholders in the company. As a mediator, Wilhelm Kapell is in demand in difficult situations when it comes to resolving conflicts and achieving a commitment to new common goals.

Conscientious manager with high motivation and willingness to perform
Wilhelm Kapell's mandates in the financial services industry are conscientious, disciplined and always focused towards the project objective. His clients get an assertive manager whose working method is strategic and well thought-out. He always thinks in terms of solutions and not problems.

He breaks down objectives into sub-objectives and uses agile, classic or a combination of the available project management methods as required. He has the ability and the experience to manage his projects in compliance and to manage the project risks accordingly.

High project competence - classic and agile in the VUCA world
Wilhelm Kapell is a member of the DDIM Project and Program Management group "Leaders in Projects", where he is actively involved with changes in work processes and project management in the future (project management 2025). This is important because current projects are characterized by great complexity, ambiguity, volatility and uncertainty (VUCA). This results in completely new demands on project managers, which Wilhelm Kapell already meets today.

Experience overview:

  • Professional Banking Background: Certified Banker and Banking Specialist
  • >20 years bank and financial service experience
  • > 10 years of executive management experience (CFO / CTO)
  • Regulatory know-how: AIFMD, KAGB, UCITS V, BaFin RS, EMIR, DerivativesV, MaRisk, MiFid
  • Excellent know-how in the areas of capital markets, derivatives, global custody, risk and compliance management,
  • Executive Management, interim management, project management