Risk and Compliance Management

The company functions: governance, risk and compliance management (GRC) comprise three important operational roles for the steering mechanism of companies and risk mitigation. The governance function deals with the regulatory framework (objectives, principles, implementation, etc.) of a company. The risk management system identifies potential risks of the company through systematic procedures, assesses them and initiates measures for risk avoidance and limitation. In the field of compliance management, risks are also analyzed and assessed, but the primary focus here is on compliance with statutory, contractual and other obligations of the company as well as the securing of this through appropriate organizational procedures and measures.

Some objectives - such as identifying risks to avoid financial damage to the company - are overlapping in risk and compliance management. Therefore, the inter-connection of governance, risk and compliance management creates synergies and increases the quality and sustainability of companies.

Our experience in the area of risk and compliance management has resulted from the following projects:

  • Risk and gap analyzes
  • Risk analysis and stress tests
  • Implementation of a risk detection system acc. KonTraG, Section 91 (2) AktG
  • Implementation of corporate governance principles and strategies
  • Project management for regulatory compliance projects
  • Transformation and implementation of new regulatory rules according to the AIFMD and UCITSV regulation
  • Risk measurement, VaR analysis and Monte Carlo simulations
  • Implementation of risk management control structures according to the Derivatives Ordinance and BaFin Circular 08/2015 (WA) with regards to the qualified approach (absolute and relative Value at Risk)
  • Implementation and assurance of regulatory compliance according to the EMIR regulation, for bilateral collateralization and CCP-cleared derivatives